Thursday, May 19, 2011

Refocusing On Me

I have had a long hiatus one that I am not too happy with but one that I will let you in on. I needed a break from everything. I got too swept up in guys and wanting a relationship that I realized that maybe that isn’t want I need. Truth be told I was right. I needed time to worry about me and think about me. So basically I did time where I got to learn more about who I am rather than trying to be someone that I am not. I thought that I could do this online dating but honestly its not dating its more like hooking up made easy. I am not the type of girl that does that and its not what I want.

Since I refocused my life I am going to refocus my blog as well. I think that my blog is a reflection of what goes through my mind and thoughts so it makes sense at least to me to refocus my blog to what my mind is at. So instead of crazy sexapades and what not. I am Changing my blog to being about all sorts to the odd ball things. I will talk about my views and thoughts and ideas to relationships to girl problems to issues to films to art to wine to all sorts. Basically whatever I am thinking. I figured this way I am being true to myself and even more so true you guys you know my audience.

Honestly I think this is also better. I am not going to parade around like a whore or a player and I am not going to parade around like someone that I am not. From this point on its going to be me and my thoughts and what I want and think from this moment on. I hope you guys understand and hope that you also like my change of direction. We will see. But in the end this is my return notice!

Love Always