Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Grateful Much?

I know that a lot of us take a lot for granted. I am one of those people. I complain and complain about so much. Most of the time it’s over stupid shit that I can change but I will admit it I am most of the time too lazy to do it. But the thing that I have came to terms with and the reason I think a lot of people are so unhappy is that we forget to look at the positive side of things and also forget about being thankful for the things that we have in our life. I know that it is hard especially when we live in a country where we want more and better things all the time. I think about it and I can’t believe how many times I stop and say I or me or whatever in one day. It is amazing.

I am going to try to embrace a new line of thinking which means instead of complaining about my life I am going to say something grateful. So whenever I am lonely or sad or upset or whatever I am going to stop and start listing all the things that I am grateful for. I know it is not much at the time but I think it will help me lean in the right direction and stop making me sound like a spoiled brat. Even when I am so fucking horny and I don’t know how to control myself I will mentally slap myself and be all “Bitch cool the fuck down take an ice shower and be thankful that you have a pussy rather than a dick.” No offense to the guys out there but I would never trade my Vayjayjay in for a dick. It will never happen.

I am also hoping that by changing the way I think will also change the people around me. I have noticed that people around me bitch a lot. AND I MEAN A LOT. They complain about things that are out of anyone’s hands. I am always shocked that I am friends with them its like really? You are going to complain about what…. That…. Out of all the things you are going to complain about how whatever. My point is that I am hoping that either the people around me will change or they will leave me alone. I highly doubt it but I can dream right?

I am also going to start my gratitude book. Every night I am going to write about the things that I am grateful for and thankful for. So this way hopefully I will stop thinking about all the things that I don’t have. Because let’s face it there are people out there who aren’t as lucky as we are. We may think that our life is rough but its not. We have our homes, family, looks, feelings, free will, and love and emotions and most importantly we have the people around us who care about us. I think if we start focusing on that more maybe our lives will change a bit s

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