Monday, April 18, 2011

Thristy Tuesday!!!

So this was suppose to be called Man Candy Monday but I stopped and was like but wait a minute what if I don’t want the week to be about a guy? So I decided to post pone the article until now for Tuesday. Every Tuesday I will show you guys some mouth watering pics of ONE celebrity/model/whatever that I think makes me thirsty. If you the followers want to participate and have one of your favorite celebrities up on Thirsty Tuesdays then just email me or get in touch with me and I will make it happen. This should help us pass the week by so that way we don’t feel so bored and annoyed with everything that is going on in the beginning of the week. I know Mondays are a day I dread but I am too busy to do much about that. Tuesdays seem to be the worse! It is like a repeat of Monday, which also makes Thirsty Tuesdays even more well thirsty.

This week, my first Thristy Tuesday goes to….. (Drum roll here)


Yes the man is much older than I am but come on! Who has not seen this man’s famous bulge from CK? Yeah… I remember this man very well even when I was barely a teenager and I saw Fear for the first time. I am still crazy about this guy even though I prefer taller guys. But he is such good eye candy. From his tough rapper persona to the sweet guy who has matured, he is still a guy that I think has adorable eyes and well some other features. From his Marky Mark rapping days to his serious bad ass roles he plays on the big screen to the friendly father figure that we see in pictures, Mark will always have a special place in my well with me.

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