Saturday, April 16, 2011

Straight, Bisexual, Gay.... Whatever

I am not against any type of sexual orientation. I don’t really think anyone is one set way because I am one of those people that are huge psychology people and studied (tried it and failed) and came to the conclusion of this. Everyone is born bisexual or right in the middle of the homosexual and heterosexual fence and as you get older you decide which one way you are and sometimes you stay on that fence. For those of you that are like wtf is she talking about… Look up Frued’s Innate Bisexuality theory and it will fully explain what I am talking about. To me sexual orientation is all about our state of mind and not what our body actually needs. Come on our body doesn’t have the mind so it can’t tell what is what when it comes to a mouth or someone’s touch.

With all of this being said… I like I said don’t care what your sexual orientation is. I am a people person to a degree and will love you probably no matter what. But the one thing that annoys me is when someone you are flirting with is confusing the hell out of your gaydar. I don’t mind flirting its all fun and games but when things start to evolve from that and you aren’t sure anymore, and I am left standing there with a raised eyebrow going okay…. Then there is a problem.

This has happened to me recently. I meet this guy about almost two months ago. He is older than I am which I honestly don’t mind. Older men are fine to a point like my limit on age is 35 because my mom is only 41. But this guy was 32 so I was like okay no biggie. We are just going to call this guy ‘Mr. Foreign’. The name may sound a little funny but trust me it fits him. Plus he isn’t from America so that fits even more. The more time I spent with him my head kept screaming and knocking on my head going ‘yo dumbo here hello pay attention to what I am saying the man is not straight he is gay…. Maybe bisexual but not straight.’ I kept ignoring it and ignoring it. I am very stubborn as you can see. So I flirted back with the guy ignoring what my rational brain was telling me. I mean every time I came into the room or into this guys sights he got all happy and smiley. He would make sure that I am doing alright and was constantly reassuring me when I was about ready to say fuck this school fuck this project I am going home.

So the other day I was bored and went looking on up his name. OH I know cyber stalking! BULL, I call it valid researching. It is important to know ahead of time what you are getting into. So since I have been close with this guy and I have been talking to him and having a good time my stupid all heart does the typical stupid thing… it falls for the guy that my brain is going ‘ummm excuse me… do you need a cat scan…’ This is what I do with just about every guy if I have meet him here in Hollywood or Los Angeles… Its just one of those things that I call covering my ass before it gets in trouble. So I was just browsing through the links… Nothing out of the ordinary… This was a boring professional guy that seemed to keep his nose out of trouble… then I found it… The thing that my brain was dancing around and celebrating because it was right… I had found an old ‘friendster’ profile of his… At first everything was looking good. Found some amazingly cute pictures of him when he was younger and I was like wow he really is good looking. Once I got over the pictures and all of the little eye catching things. I scan down to the bottom to the About Me section. Then I saw it… the thing that pinpricked the heart and made the brain bust out of the Jack Daniels for some celebration…

• Interested In: Dating Men, Relationship with Men, Friends, Activity Partners

After my head got done drinking and my heart finally folded up and went to a whole numb state. I was like well should have trusted my gaydar more often… even though I am starting to think maybe the guy is bisexual because after all he didn’t act completely gay. His profile was made back in 2003… I mean I was only 12 when he made that profile. Oh well no matter what though I am not going to get involved because we have the whole line between teacher and student deal going on. Yeah Mr. Foreign was also my teacher… which makes the whole thing even more laughable. But anyways the lesson I learn in this whole thing is that if he makes your gaydar go a little back and forth throw the guy in the friends category until he can prove he is straight. Like I said I don’t care what the sexuality of a person is but I have learned from experience that sometimes dating bisexual men tends to hurt in more ways that a girl wants to hurt in. So I just tend to stick with my straight men.

Tell me what you guys think about sexuality of the opposite sex and have you ever had to double guess your “gaydar”?

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